Sweeten Up Your Life

We have to start choosing foods that nourish us wherever we are on our journey.

It's true...groceries are expensive AF. But so is diabetes and high blood pressure.

Knowing what I know about my family history, I find it wise at 31 to really get serious about my diet.

Here me out...I don't consider a diet as dieting

All I'm saying is I want to eat better and feel more full just off what I consume. During this chapter, ya girl is a meat eater. And honestly I'm enjoying it. But I have to continue to make time for my vegan meals/snacks as well (minus the honey).

Because this breakfast was badass!

From the unsweetened cashew yogurt to the sprouted granola and the juicy blueberries. I absolutely loved it!

Let's get back to making things we love and trying something new!

There's so much food waiting out there for us!

Dive In

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